Chicago public housing high rises were internationally infamous, Now they are almost gone!



Come out and explore this issue with POOR PEOPLE MILLENNIUM MOVEMENT founder Ms. Beauty Turner.

A National Award winning writer and fighter for the people.

A tireless fighter and writer against injustice will take you behind the walls of public housing so that you can hear the residents who by far are the most valid voices concerning the impacts on their lives

While going through Chicago Housing Authority 1.6 Billions dollars Transformation PLan

Beauty Turner has received international fame with her "Ghetto Bus tours"

Greatest History Ever Told To Our People Bus Tours.

Every body on the planet has been telling our stories such as Professors, Sociologists, Academic, film makers,city officials, politicians, but the most valid voices that are being affected the most and that is the voice of the voiceless-The residents themselves. Learn from an expert! At the end of the tour you will visit Turners Ghetto Gallery which holds a unique display of photos, memories and artifacts.

Schedule your tour today! Call Ms. Turner@ (773) 297 - 5619 or (773)437-3894 or E-mail me at

About Me

Chicago, cook, Illinois, U.S. Outlying Islands
Beauty Turner lived in the Robert Taylor Homes, one of the nation's most infamous public housing high-rise for sixteen years . She once worked for RJ now serves as Assistant Editor, South Street Journal writing award-winning investigative articles and commentaries and co-directing the Advocacy and Outreach Initiative. Beauty is a well-known community activist as well as a regular columnist for the Hyde Park Herald and other community newspapers. For the last several years, Beauty has worked as a research assistant for Professor Sudhir Venkatesh, a sociologist at Columbia University. Beauty is now a National award winning Journalist recognized by her peers with the First New America Award of it kind by the National Society of Professional Journalists, also a Winner of a Studs Terkel, Peter Lisagor, Associated Press award, Chicago Association for Black Journalist award, Courageous voice award for her activism, Black Pearl award, Woman of the Century award, and a Shero award from the Empowerment Zone Committee. Turner has been feature on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Tribune (773)297-5619

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