Chicago public housing high rises were internationally infamous, Now they are almost gone!



Come out and explore this issue with POOR PEOPLE MILLENNIUM MOVEMENT founder Ms. Beauty Turner.

A National Award winning writer and fighter for the people.

A tireless fighter and writer against injustice will take you behind the walls of public housing so that you can hear the residents who by far are the most valid voices concerning the impacts on their lives

While going through Chicago Housing Authority 1.6 Billions dollars Transformation PLan

Beauty Turner has received international fame with her "Ghetto Bus tours"

Greatest History Ever Told To Our People Bus Tours.

Every body on the planet has been telling our stories such as Professors, Sociologists, Academic, film makers,city officials, politicians, but the most valid voices that are being affected the most and that is the voice of the voiceless-The residents themselves. Learn from an expert! At the end of the tour you will visit Turners Ghetto Gallery which holds a unique display of photos, memories and artifacts.

Schedule your tour today! Call Ms. Turner@ (773) 297 - 5619 or (773)437-3894 or E-mail me at

About Me

Chicago, cook, Illinois, U.S. Outlying Islands
Beauty Turner lived in the Robert Taylor Homes, one of the nation's most infamous public housing high-rise for sixteen years . She once worked for RJ now serves as Assistant Editor, South Street Journal writing award-winning investigative articles and commentaries and co-directing the Advocacy and Outreach Initiative. Beauty is a well-known community activist as well as a regular columnist for the Hyde Park Herald and other community newspapers. For the last several years, Beauty has worked as a research assistant for Professor Sudhir Venkatesh, a sociologist at Columbia University. Beauty is now a National award winning Journalist recognized by her peers with the First New America Award of it kind by the National Society of Professional Journalists, also a Winner of a Studs Terkel, Peter Lisagor, Associated Press award, Chicago Association for Black Journalist award, Courageous voice award for her activism, Black Pearl award, Woman of the Century award, and a Shero award from the Empowerment Zone Committee. Turner has been feature on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Tribune (773)297-5619

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That number is 1-773-437-3894

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feel free to call my cell- 1-773-297-5619
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The Chicago Tribune recently did an indepth investigation on 7-6-08 concerning
the Chicago Housing Authority 1.6 billion dollars Plan for Transformation.
Called Public Housing Limbo-vacant promises.
Thereby- proving everything my "Ghetto bus tours" have been showing!
So come out and see with your own eyes what the city is doing with your tax dollars.
{Profit before people !are their selfish logist.}
Let change the trend-people before profit!

Poor People Millennium Movement is doing good by hosting a Halloween party
For boys and girls in the hood- Friday October 31- from 5pm-8pm
Location- Ghetto Gallery - 148 West 95th street (ages 2 to 12)
"Wear your scariest costumes "-This means (BOO) I mean you!
The Halloween party was a pumpkin splash,
we did the monster mash, and the children was a
scary sight to see, getting candy free.

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Poor People Millennium Movement Mission

Poor People Millennium Movement
Mission - Up lifting the poor as well as the communities
In which they live.

If you donate any funds to Poor People Millennium Movement you are investing in
The future generations, because when you give, we give back to you and the community
productive members of society.

$5 goes right back into the communities to assist in developing healthier and stronger communities, provide computers for schools, create monies through scholarships for youth from the communities to attend college, create training programs to help youth become
entrepreneurs, and much more.
In order for Poor (People Organizing Over Resources) People Millennium Movement to continue
the people's movement mission- We need your support!
Send donations to: Poor People Millennium Movement in care of (Ms. Beauty Turner)
148 West 95th Street
Chicago Illinois, 60620
We thank you in advance!
"Our problems can be solved, if we the people get involved! "

“When you lift up a person you stand taller!”
Ms. Beauty Turner

Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tours Schedules

Dates have change and so have some of the times.
Next Ghetto Bus tours /events

Get on the bus and learn the truth from us!
November schedule Ghetto Bus Tours are on-
November 4th from 10 until 1 pm.
There will be a private bus tour on January 9th 2008
from 2:30 pm until 4:30pm Students flying in from (L.A California.)
A tour is on- schedule for January 16th 2008 from 9:30-until 12:30 noon January 23th Documentary and discussion/ free food with Beauty
at the Ghetto Gallery/Demo King Studio-7911 South Evans From 1pm until 3:30pm sign up now to hear the truth from residents who has been displaced.
January 31,{Thursday) Two Ghetto bus tours plus Documentary/Discussion at the Mansion-10- 4:30pm

There will also be a Ghetto Bus Tour on - Febuary 9th- 10-until 1 pm.
February 15 Documentary / Discussion Harvard School of Excellence
March 17, 08 Ghetto Bus Tour- Cabrini Green Development.10-1 pm
March 20th- Ghetto Bus Tour from 10-1pm- not private
April 2,08 Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1 pm- private
April 9th Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1 pm -private
April 18,08 Ghetto Bus Tours-10:30-1 pm (Not Private)
April 19,08 Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1 pm- private

May 19, Monday Ghetto Bus Tour 10 pm- 1 pm -(not private)
May 21, Wed Ghetto Bus Tours from 10-1pm (Not private)
May 25. Sunday Ghetto Bus Tour-(not private)
May 31th- Ghetto Bus Tour-( not private)
June 1, Sunday Ghetto Bus Tour-( not private)
June 3, Tuesday Ghetto Bus Tour (Private)
June 9, Monday at 9:00am- having
June 20, Friday -Poor People Millennium Movement sponsering {Blaze the Runway)

June 21,Saturday 10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tours (Private)
July 24, Thursday 2:30-5pm Ghetto Bus Tours-(Private)
July 26, Saturday 10-1 pm Ghetto Bus Tours (not private)
August 1, Friday 10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tours (not private)
August 2,Saturday 1-3 pm Ghetto Bus Tours (private)
August 25, Monday Ghetto Bus Tour 10-1pm (not private )
August 26, Tuesday Ghetto Bus Tour 12:00-3pm (not private)
Sept 7, Sunday Ghetto Bus Tour 12;00-3pm (not private)
Sept 13,Saturday Two Ghetto Bus Tours first group-9 am-11:30am
second group-1-3:30 pm
Oct 1, Wed--10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour-
Oct 22, Wed- Ghetto Bus Tour 10-1pm
Oct 23, Beauty's speaking Engagement 4-6pm
Oct 25, Friday Ghetto Bus Tour- 11:00- 1pm
Nov-3, Monday Ghetto Bus Tour-3pm-5:30pm
Nov-11, Tuesday Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1pm
Nov-12,Wed- Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1pm
Nov-19,Wed- Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1pm
December 6 , Saturday Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1 pm
December 10, Wed- Ghetto Bus Tours-10-1pm

Call in and schedule your tour or Documentaries/ Discussion events Today.

If you are interested in being on either one of these tours e-mail me or call me.
If you interested please e-mail me at
Or call numbers below.

We meet at the Rain and Shine Baptist Church (Only for Ghetto Bus Tours)
located at 704 East 43rd street at schedule times.
For any more info just call me on my cell-1-773-297-5619
From Beauty with Love.t 1, Wed- Ghetto Bus Tour 10-1 pm

Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tours updated schedules

Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tours has been often imitated, but never duplicated.
Nothing is better than the original authenticity,which was created by (Ms. Beauty Turner for the voice of the voiceless!

"So if you are looking for the best-forget the rest!"
"You are here!"

Up-date-January 9th 2008 -Private tour -Sociology students/Professor
from LA California
from 2:00 until 4'30pm

January 16th-(Wed) from 9;30 until 12:30- (Confirmed- Highland Park High School Students)

On January 23th (Wed) there will be Documentary/ Discussion with Beauty/ Free food
at the Ghetto Gallery/ Demo King Studio located at 7911 South Evans,
from 1-until 3:30 pm (College students)" (confirmed) Chicago Center for Urban Life and Cultures. INC.

" Two Ghetto bus tours/Documentary/discussion at the Swift Mansion from 10:00am until 4:30 pm January 31,(Confirmed Young women leadership Charter School}

February 9th Ghetto Bus Tour from 10am until 1 pm- (confirmed Michael J Cunningham prominent Professor and his honor students from Lewis University joining Lewis University Students will be Chicago Center for Urban Life and Cultures. INC.

Febraury 15th Documentary/Discussion with Teacher Flavian Prince and The Harvard School of Excellence students- from 4 pm until 6:30 pm at the Ghetto Gallery (private section taping)

March 17th Ghetto Bus Tour (Cabrini Green Development) from 10-1 pm (Individual Tour everybody welcome)Prominent people came on this tour- from Evanston,Downer Grove,Hyde Park,Far Northside, Bronzeville-Prominent Professor/Author/Sociologist from Northwestern University Mary E. Pattillo - ,Emmanuel (Research student) Columbia University,Sharon (Research Student)Columbia University.

March 20th Ghetto Bus Tour- from 10-1 pm (confirmed Maryland University)not private, Siobhan a Freelance writer.

April 2, 08-(Wed) Ghetto Bus Tour 10-1 pm (Confirmed- Riverside Brookfield High School) Joining the Brookfield Students were Frank Desoer from CBS International Radio from Montreal(Quebec)Canada, National Award winnings Photographer Jon Lowenstein.

April 9, 08 ( Wed)Ghetto Bus Tour 10-1 pm (Confirmed- Riverside Brookfield High School)Private

April 18th, (Friday)Ghetto Bus Tour 10;30-1 pm ( Andrey Khomutov with Iowa State University Extension) From Turkey and Russia (Not private)

April 19th (Saturday) Ghetto Bus Tour-10-1 pm . Prominent individuals such as Stroger Hospital Nurse's Cordinator - Hattie Moore, Avery Moore, Dephen Reives,Deandre Reives,Attorney Tamara Holder from Operation Push, two of her friends,plus National award winning Journalist Brian Rogal.
Carolyn Hardy,Leon Hardy,Camaron Hardy,Kavon Hardy,Sharron Rieves,Patrice M. Curtice Poynter, Cutrice Marie Poynte.Latanya Turner (my beautiful daughter)
Joining the group will be Emma Scripps and the students For Human Rights from The University of Chicago

May 19, 08 Monday from 10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour for Cabrini Green Development For Kim and Maria from Toronto Canada (Private)

May 21, Wed Ghetto Bus Tours from 10-1pm (private)Research Students from IIT

May 25,08 Sunday Ghetto Bus Tour-10 -1pm (Confirmed Washington Family) (Not private)flew down from Washington D.C.along with a few UIC students, a young woman from Germany.

May 31th Saturday From 10-1 pm-Ghetto Bus Tour ( Confirmed Chicago Center for Urban Life- College students from all over the world)not private.

June 1,Sunday Ghetto Bus 10- 1 pm Tour-University of Chicago College Students ( not private)
Famous "Richard Magee"

June 3, Tuesday 2-5pm Ghetto Bus Tours-German Media Research Reporters Mr.Thomas Sprang Mr. Uwe Schmitt,(private)

June 9, Monday at 9:00am- "Breafast with Beauty" {coffee,tea and me}Documentary discussion at the Bronzeville coffee shop located at 528 East 43rd street (Confirmed Harold Washington College students)

June 20, Friday -Poor People Millennium Movement sponsering {Blaze the Runway)
at 9pm- At the Charle Hayes Center- 4859 South Wabash.
"Come out and support the movement!"

June 21, Saturday 10-1 pm Ghetto Bus Tour-Chicago Center for Urban College students

July 24, Thursday 2:30-5pm Ghetto Bus Tour- Reporter and Camera crew from the Washington Post (private)

July 26, Saturday 10-1 pm- Ghetto Bus Tour -Chicago Center for Urban College students (not private)

August 1, Friday 10-1 pm Ghetto Bus Tour - Bob Meley & his wife Linda Meley (not private)

August 2,Saturday 1-3 pm -Ghettosbuster tour for Goodman theatre Bosnian director, Aida Karic-and Actors (Private)

August 25,Monday-10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour- Ph.D. student's
Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
University of Rochester (Not private)

August 26, Tuesday Ghetto Bus Tour 12:00-3pm (not private) Confirmed Lake Forest College

Sept 7, Sunday Ghetto Bus Tour 12:00-3pm (not private) (25) students Confirmed Chicago Center.

Sept 13,Saturday Two Ghetto Bus Tours first group-9 am-11:30am
second group-1-3:30 pm (102) students and Professors Northwestern University
Afterward a picnic and discussion in Washington Park )Joining both tours was KC Ortiz,and Associate a photographer for Swindle magazine, a bi monthly arts and culture magazine,

Oct 1, Wed--10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour-Confirmed-Riverside Brookfield High School

Oct 22,Wed-10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour- Confirmed-Chicago Center for Urban College students joining them will be IIT Research students (not private)

Oct 23, Thursday- Beauty's speaking engagement-at Chicago public housing Lathrop Homes at 4-6pm

Oct 24-25, Friday- Saturday- Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tour from 11:00 -1pm -Confirmed Prominent award winning photographer Jon Lowenstien and a prominent French Reporter Regis Le Sommier
Bureau Chief Paris Match. (private) in Altgeld Gardens

Nov 3,Monday 3pm -5:30pm Ghetto Bus Tour- Confirmed- Philippe Gelie: French reporter with Le Figaro (France's leading daily) based in Washington DC Linsey Edquist and associate (not private) ZDF Kathrin Klöpfer German journalist reporting for the website of ZDF German television Serge Mousson is working for french tv M6 and specially for the news magazine programme 66 minutes . Michel VAGNER L' 'Est républicain French journalist from the town of Nancy (east of France) Elizabeth Lewis and friends.

Nov 11, Tuesday 10-1pm Ghetto Bus Tour-Confirmed- Depaul University Group (Private)

Nov 12, Wed- 10-1pm- Ghetto Bus Tour- Confirmed Consulate of South Africa
Ambassador Pearl Nomvume Magaqa,(private)

November 19- Wed-10-1pm- Margaret A reporter from National Geographic Traveler

December 6, Saturday- 10-1pm-Confirmed- Prominent Artist -Jason Pallas and company (not private)

December 10, Wed- 10-1pm Confirmed- GhettoBuster tour Goodman Theatre playwright, kia corthron and Associates. (Not private)

There's still time to book your tour/documentary/discussion/ event for February-March-April- May-June -July-August -September,October-November-December.
Any day of the week or weekends.

"Every body I spoke to after the tours told me that they loved the tours, they learned a lot and they commended me for bringing it to an international light!" -

The Beauty's Ghetto Bus tours, have became"very popular" People that came on the tours, learned from the residents, what it is like to live though this city 1.6 billion dollars Relocation, Plan for Transformation. ( The city is moving ten of thousands of low income people out of public housings, all throughout the city-into the so-called mixed income housings-come out and learn for yourself about the criterias that keeps many of them from returning back once the places are redevelope) 25,000 apartments in public housings being demolished-25,000 units due to come back, but guess what, not all will be public housings. Learn from the voice of the voiceless where they are going.
Many of the people that came on the tours, also got to see with their own eyes what is (really) taking place here in our city with the poor.
They witness, the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the Beauty of what is happening here on a global scale.
What happens here in Chicago will happen all the way around the world!
"We are the expriemental city!!!!!"

So guess what "it's still time" for you to "get on" the Ghetto Bus with us and learn the truth from the real experts,about the plan for Transformation.
Only the residents can tell you what they are going through!!!

Call me at 1-773-297-5619
or leave a message on 1-773-437-3894
e-mail me at

Chicago is the expriemental ground for what ever going
to happen in public housing around the world.

Come get on the bus and learn the truth from us!